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  1. Sun Sun Sun

  2. Any Dream Will Do

  3. Edelweiss

  4. Los Pollitos

  5. Somewhere Out There

  6. The Traveler

  7. Tu Tu Teshcote

  8. Coloring Book

  9. In Our World There Are No Strangers

  10. Sol Sol Sol (Spanish Version of “Sun Sun Sun”)

  11. Cual Sueño Ayudará (Spanish Version of “Any Dream Will Do”)

  12. Edelweiss (Spanish Version)

  13. Allá Afuera (Spanish Version of “Somewhere Out There”)

  14. Libro De Colorear (Spanish Version of “Coloring Book”)

    15. En Nuestro Mundo No Hay Extranjeros (Spanish Version of “In Our World There Are No Strangers”)